Hello my name is Isaac I created this blog to help you connect with nature.

Whether you live in the city or in the countryside it is always good to have contact with nature.

Therefore it is a personal goal to help you know the different types of plants you can grow. Either at home or in your garden.

And provide you with the necessary tools to do so.

I think that having a backyard or front yard is an excellent excuse to build a garden, not only to enjoy the beauty of your plants or its fruits but also to share this with your family and friends.

Here you will learn:

1. How to get started in gardening and to improve you plant growing skills.

2.About the different types of succulents and plants that you can grow.

3.The tools you need.

4.Different types of activities you can do in green areas.

I consider that in today’s society we are always connected to technology and, it is always a good idea to have a moment of rest, go outside and get some fresh air.

But if you live in a apartment don’t worry I will help you create the environment you need. Plants can grow there too.